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Add Texture to Your Stockinette with the Showy Decrease

How a decrease becomes a decorative element.

The Perfect Eyelet in the Late Harvest Shawl used a slip stitch to minimize the impact of the decrease. But what if you wanted the decrease to show? Could a decrease become a decorative element in the pattern? Let’s see what happens when you use the slip stitch to pop the decrease.

Texture on Stockinette

Now you can add texture to the right side of stockinette!

Showy Decrease

Showy Decrease

Take a look at the chart – the slip stitch is now the first one your needle enters as you work the k2tog decrease, so the elongated stitch will sit on top of the other. Mmmmm, what if you were to slip that resulting stitch on the next wrong side row and do it all again? Wouldn’t the decreases all run together in a nice long line that pops up on the right side of stockinette? You bet!!

Want to try a swatch? Here you go.ShowyLine And this is just the beginning. The Showy Decrease can lean right, lean left, run vertically and act as a single or double decrease! Amazing!  Just wait till you see how the Showy Decreases transform hat tops!

You can find this Raised Diamond Blanket here on our web site and the scarf version here. As always our tutorials are free.

I’ll keep adding tidbits each blog post but if you’re hooked now and want more information about Showy Decreases here are some choices:

  • Each of our patterns includes detailed instructions for how each technique is used in that design. We include these on separate Technique Pages so you can use them again and again.
  • We offer all our core Nuances as free downloads on our web site.
  • New knitters, who feel then need a little extra support can go to their LYS and ask them to run a class. We have put together some free class materials just for shops.
  • Designers we’d love for you to include these ideas in your designs too. Link over to the Designer section on our web site for more information.

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