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Try a New ” Covert” Eyelet Increase

The increases in this ruffle are not where they appear to be.


You’ll find as we go along, I tend to use decreases when shaping a project. It’s an opportunity to use Showy & Subtle Decreases to control the look. However, when designing a ruffle for the Late Harvest Shawl, I was looking for something extra light and airy so it wouldn’t weigh down the shawl with it’s long length.

A yarn over eyelet was the obvious solution. In this case, however, the eyelet is simply the foundation for additional increases that don’t really show at all. This is accomplished on the following right side row by knitting into the row below (that base eyelet), then into the stitch on the needle and back into the row below. The result is a nice big structurally-supported eyelet with two increases hiding in the wings. A variety of yarn over and Subtle Decrease combinations let you decide between a double or triple increase, both with one large eyelet acting as the front man.

The tutorial is included with the Late Harvest Shawl pattern, which is free when you sign up for our email list or follow the blog. You can also download it in the Learn area of our web site where you’ll find free downloads for all our Knitting Nuance skills.

BTW, notice how nicely staged this photo is. I used this shawl in a photography class I took recently. There was a lot of emphasis on the background, lighting, props, etc. It was a lot of fun and made me rethink the amount of time and preparation needed to take good photos.

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