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Knitting in an Alternate Universe

The Parallelity Scarf

Is there another version of you out there somewhere finishing up a project on your UFO pile? 

knit scarves

I listen to podcasts when knitting and one of my favorites is Science Weekly by the Guardian in the UK. It gives me some insight into areas I would otherwise know nothing about nor have any hope of understanding. I love their author interviews because you can feel the infectious passion the author has about their topic.

I should probably confess I’m a big time Trekkie, so I’m OK without there sci-fi concepts. I was still floored when theoretical physicist, Brian Green spoke about the seven different theories of parallel universes. Not if they exist, but how they work and how many are there. It’s enough to make your head spin so I’ll  leave it at that. Just know whatever you think you know about the universe is probably incorrect.

The Showy Decreases run in parallel down the entire length of the scarf for as long as you want to knit it. It was with this thought in mind, and multiple universes dancing in my head, that the project got its name. After all, the scarf was designed so you can knit to infinity and beyond (sorry, couldn’t resist).

knit scarf

Knit the scarf a bit wider and the true benefit of bias shaping is revealed. Wrap it, add a few buttons to line up with the existing eyelets and you have this pretty ‘vest’ that highlights the different angles of the long lines. Stripes are fantastic since they run in contrast to the raised lines. This pattern is a great introduction to Showy decreases, fast and easy to knit and perfect for guys or gals. Even though it’s simple, it’s one of my favorites.

Update: We’ve added a detailed how to post for the Diagonal Showy Decrease here.

Tomorrow’s post if for trappers! (You know what that means if you are one.)

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