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‘Tis the Season to Knit


Perfect weather for last minute knitting!

’Tis the end of the summer, it’s time for a plan.
Knit gifts for all, of this I’m a fan.
I’ll bundle the packages all under the tree,
thanks to my stash, this year’s gifts will be free.

My family is big, without any doubt.
I have to make sure I leave no one out.
I plan and I plot till fall’s in the air.
My list is too long, but still I don’t care.

This year I’m all set, I’m ahead of the game,
if I can’t get this done, I’ve got no one to blame.
With the list in my hand, I’m off like a dash.
It’s upstairs I go, to sort through my stash.

Hat, scarves and socks, all these I can knit.
I promise I’ll swatch, so I know that they’ll fit.
This merino is nice, there’s some red over there.
Who’s on the list that deserves my cashmere?

My life’s way too busy, it’s hard to find time,
if I don’t start to knit, the shame will be mine.
I’m making some progress, but still have just one,
today I’ll will knit till the other sock’s done.

When I had this idea, it all seemed so easy,
but now it’s making me feel kind of queasy.
It’s All Hallows Eve, at my door is a ghost.
Where’s a good spell, when I need it the most?

I pull out my list, it’s time to think twice.
Who can I drop? Who hasn’t been nice?
That blanket for Katie, it’s just got to go,
she’s only a baby, she’s too young to know.

The family all gathers, it’s time to give thanks,
if I don’t get a move on, their gifts will be hanks.
The first dust of snow brings holiday spirit.
That’s fine for all them, they’ve no reason to fear it.

This scarf’s far from done, it’s short by a yard.
I could have just bought a boring gift card.
The kids are all out, no more school for the year,
that only means now my deadline draws near.

What was I thinking? It’s too late to stop,
but last year at this time, I was ready to shop.
There’s still time tonight, I can knit one more cable.
I wake with a start when my head hits the table.

My clothes are all rumpled, my hair is a mess.
I haven’t yet showered, I have to confess.
Why all this angst? It’s supposed to be fun,
but still at this rate, I’ll never be done.

It’s time to start cooking, the family is here.
They all fill the house with love and good cheer.
I’ve knit day and night, this challenge was nothing,
but wait, could that be some yarn in the stuffing?

It’s been a long day, the children are sleepy.
I’m so very relieved, I feel kind of weepy.
The gifts are all open, I sigh with content.
Next year I’ll start early, a knitter’s lament.

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to knitters everywhere!  Laura

If you’d like to share, feel free to copy a few stanzas into your blog then link back for the rest. 

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This entry was posted on December 20, 2013 by in General.

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