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The Double Decker Hat Top

Where no hat top has gone before.

This is one of my favorite Nuances, both because it adds a design element where there’s hasn’t been any and because it’s just so darn simple to add to the top of your hat.


I knew the moment it came time to close my very first Showy Decrease hat top I needed a new way to close it up. Why go to all that trouble adding texture and depth just to flatten it out on top? Turns out it also works to smooth out hat tops as illustrated by the dome top of the Yosemite Hat. So it adds interest and reduces bunching. Love it.

You can download a free Double Decker Hat Top tutorial on our web site in the Learn section. You may never want to close a hat the old way again.

Here are a few links for your convenience:



4 comments on “The Double Decker Hat Top

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  4. artisewn
    December 14, 2015

    Love these cute interesting hat tops! Thanks.

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