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Rip Cord Hat Shows How to Add Vertical Interest to Your Knitting

Creating the Vertical Showy Line.


One of the most exciting features of the  Showy Decrease is its ability to create designs on the face of Stockinette. The Vortex Hat and Parallelity Scarf  showed you how the decreases can lean to the right and the left in perfectly matched pairs. No wonky SSK wobbles here! They’re also ideal for hat shaping that hides in plain sight. You can see that above – the Vertical Showy Lines transition seamlessly into decreases. Ta da!

So how does one knit Vertical Showy Lines? They are just as easy as Diagonal Showy Lines. Here’s why:


Here’s where the Vertical Decrease is a bit trickier. What’s going to happen when you eliminate that yarn over sitting to the right of the decrease line? Yup, it’s going to lean and revert to a Diagonal Showy Decrease.



Update: We’ve added a detailed post on how the Vertical Showy Decrease works here.

There are more, the Ripcord Hat pattern gives you some options. They are all part of the experimentation process to find all the ways in which the Showy Decrease can be used to design interesting new patterns. Hint: there’s so much more to come.  

Here are some links for your convenience:

p.s. More on that interesting Raised Ridge next post.



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