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Spring Road Trip but where was Spring?

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to the East Coast; 10 days, 7 states (Florida to Vermont!), 7 colleges and a visit to the in-laws. My son and I were both a little dazed and confused by the end, but I recovered with many hours of knitting with both my sister and mother-in-law who are dedicated knitters and wonderful people. I had a bit of fun at my MIL’s expense in this post, but she did a fabulous job knitting this Parallelity Scarf. Lovely shades of pink, green and cream in Karabella Margrite (my influence – love that yarn!). The pattern is now free in Ravelry as part of the Intro to Showy Decreases eBook.


Parallelity Scarf

Once we left Florida for the Northeast, there was one constant to every stop. Talk about “The Winter”. Capital T, capital W. We may live in San Diego now, but I grew up in New York, went to school in New England and lived in Chicagoland so I do have my fair share of winters under my belt, but this one was a doozy. There was still no hint of spring anywhere. One or two clumps of drooping crocuses left limp by the melting snow that fell in April. April! Really?

I brought along a sock to knit while on the road. Perfect for planes, trains, hotel rooms and the occasional long-winded college administrator. Beautiful aqua color, soft but sturdy merino. I’ll tell you what yarn it is as soon as I find the darn label. My brain is still somewhere over the Midwest so I truly can not remember.


I finished up on the plane ride home and promptly hung the sock up to dry in the sunroom. It’s a great place to quick dry projects. I got a few startled glances with a sock hanging from the ceiling. You’d think my family would be used to this kind of thing by now.

Some of the Nuances we’ve announced so far are perfect for socks… think stretchy cast ons and Showy Decreases that hide the toe shaping in the same way they hide hat shaping. I’m using Cat Bordhi’s SweetTomato Heel. It’s a brilliant concept.

EncinitasGardenWalking out into my garden the next morning was a bit like that moment when Dorothy steps into Oz for the first time and everything goes from black & white to technicolor; the gray clinging to the Northeast landscape transforming into the vibrant colors of a desert climate in spring. I promised myself when we moved here I would never take the weather for granted and I promise you I never do. If you’re in the area you can stop by and pick one of those lemons in the top corner.

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