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Tranquil Garden Inspires 3 More Ways to use the Showy Decrease

Sculpture Garden PathPerfect moments on memorable days. We’ve all had them. This photo was taken at one such moment… a beautiful day, soft breezes, clear skies. A day with family we had not seen for too long, running children, doting grandparents and an idyllic setting that encouraged imagination and exploration. I stepped away in search of new photographic opportunities and quite suddenly I was alone, free to explore this path without the revelry and exuberance of others. It was perfectly tranquil. I could have stayed in this spot all afternoon just watching the play of light through the leaves.

One glance at this photo brings me back to the emotions of this moment now reflected in this lacy botanically inspired shawl. It’s a wonderful example of how just a few small changes can have a large impact on the finished piece. The pretty cast on, interesting (non-garter) edges and the clean lines of the centered Showy Decreases add depth and texture to the design.


Here’s how the Showy Decrease is used in this shawl: to add depth in a stitch pattern, to fine-tune shaping by joining single and double decreases and to perfect a knit point.

Raised Central Decreases

Raised Central Decreases

Joining Single & Double Decreases

Joining Single & Double Decreases

Creating a Clean Crisp Finishing Point

Creating a Clean Crisp Finishing Point









Resilient Cast On & Hatch Edges

Resilient Cast On & Hatch Edge

And let’s not forget the Resilient Cast On perfect for edges that need some give. Here are some links for your convenience:


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