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Wondering How You Can Use the Showy Decrease?

We’ve come a long way in our exploration of the Showy Decrease. It accounts for almost half of the existing blog posts and for good reason – there are just so many ways in which to use it, it’s easy to do and it’s just plain fun.

Showy_InfographicHere’s a quick recap of what we’ve been discussing so far:

  1. The Showy Decrease adds a design element on top of stockinette. The Diamond Points Scarf & Blanket is the perfect example of this.
  2. It’s very versatile. The decreases can lean to the right, lean to the left, join in a point and be worked vertically.
  3. These pretty decreases work well in shaping armholes and neck lines as shown in our Fiftyfifty Shell published in Knitty this Spring.
  4. Hats! I confess, I’m in love with how the Showy Decrease hides the decreases in plain sight with a decorative pattern.
  5. They match! No more wonky left leaning decreases. This post lead to our most popular pattern – the Manchester Scarf (pssst … it’s free).
  6. Add Contrasting Color in a new way! Take a peek at the striking color combo in this Embossed Leaf Hat!
  7. They transform stitch patterns. We’ve only just scratched the surface on this one. The Tranquility Shawl uses a Showy Decrease to add height and clean lines to a well know stitch pattern.

Deep deep ribs too!

And that leads us perfectly to our next step – the Double Showy Decrease! If you thought the single Showy Decrease was dramatic (and I know you did), wait until you see what happens when you pile on top of two stitches. I’m busy knitting a swatch for you. I’ll post it in just a day or two with lots of charts and instructions.


If  you haven’t tried the Showy Decrease yet, now would be a good time to pop on over to this blog post to try a swatch. Things are only going to speed up from here.



3 comments on “Wondering How You Can Use the Showy Decrease?

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  2. Carol
    June 6, 2015

    I’m in the middle of making some “cowgirl boot slippers” for my granddaughter. I was looking for the flat I-cord. I found it and all this other really neat stuff. I can hardly wait to get the boots finished so I can try out all these other things. I’ll be back often!!! Thank you!!!

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