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Where Are We on Our Knitting Journey?

Are you a list maker? I am. I’m never quite sure whether that makes me highly organized or so hopeless that my thoughts flutter away unless I write them down. I do forget things, things I’m surprised by. I’ve been known to find completed or almost completed projects in my work room*. And it’s not just the so-so projects that need some help, but ones I really like!

Secret Stash

Secret Stash

*Work Room Definition:  The place to which I have been banished by my family who got tired of having yarn occupy every room in the house. AKA the room in which I can now clandestinely grow my stash!!

List making is especially important with my knitting since my mind does not take a linear path. New designs always include multiple Nuances, some of which have not been announced yet. How they fit into the knitting journey I am taking you on is sometimes difficult to ascertain. Knitters who buy existing patterns will sometimes be surprised with techniques that haven’t yet made it to the blog since I needed the pattern to demonstrate Nuance A but Nuance B is somewhere down the line.

And so in the spirit of spring cleaning, I lined up all my projects, matched them up to existing and upcoming Nuances and planned out future project announcements with an eye towards the seasons.

… and this is where we are!


There are some fun summer projects on the way … wait … what were they again?

Cute stick figures by Jessica Weible.

What do you think?

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