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Why Don’t We Knit Gifts for Other Knitters?

I received the very best kind of gift in the mail yesterday. It was a surprise, it arrived nowhere near my birthday or Christmas and best of all … it was a knit shawl.

The first and last time my daughter will touch this shawl!

The first and last time my daughter will get her hands on this shawl!

I was so excited. No one’s ever knit something for me before. I guess it makes sense, why would you knit something for a knitter? But wait. Why wouldn’t you? Who else is going to love the gift as much as someone who will appreciate the yarn, the pattern, the workmanship and the time it takes to hand knit something special? And just think, you don’t have to worry that they’ll throw it in the washing machine and dryer either.

The gift is from my sister-in-law, Stacey, who is a fantastic and prolific knitter. She has 109 projects up on her Ravelry page and I’ll bet there are some missing too. This pattern is the Lin Lin Shawl by Yoko Johnston. You can find Stacey’s Ravelry page with more photos and a link to the pattern here.

I’m hoping you’re all going to tell me I’m completely off base and knitters knit for each other all the time. It’s a fabulous notion.

What do you think?

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