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Duality Cast On Adds Horizontal Interest to your Knitting

Which Way Should I Go?

Here’s a fun way to add horizontal interest to your knitting. It starts with the popular provisional crochet cast on, but instead of removing it, let’s pick up from the crochet chain and knit in the other direction.


DualitySample1Like the standard provisional cast on, the Duality Cast On allows you to continue to knit from a cast on edge but now you can also add some punch with a perpendicular element and some high contrast color if you choose. Like all our “Nuances” there is a free tutorial available on our web site for you to download. I’ll include the link below.

DualitySample2You can add a pattern in the other direction as well. These examples are a few of the five design options included in our Vortex Hat pattern. I think it’s the perfect hat pattern to have in your bag of tricks; it works for everyone and it has so many options and new techniques you won’t get bored knitting it again and again.

This hat is our introduction to how Showy Decreases redefine the hat top. There will be many more complex ones coming this fall. I can’t wait! Summer is a great time for knitting small projects so why not give this one a try?

Here are some links for your convenience:

  • StarTopYou can find a marvelous photo tutorial on the standard Provisional Crochet Cast On on our web site in the General Techniques section.
  • The free Duality Cast On tutorial is here in our Techniques section.
  • You’ll find the Vortex Hat pattern here and our blog post about it here.
  • The Vortex Hat pattern also includes the Double Decker Hat Top shown to the right in the oh so pretty star version.



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This entry was posted on June 26, 2014 by in Edges, Nuances.

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