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Getting Started

I’d like to you take a minute to stop by a new blog page I recently added. ConsentricLearningCircles

You see, blogs are great ways of communicating ideas but they’re not so great at organizing them. I’m thrilled that more and more knitters are stopping by, but jumping into the middle of this Nuances journey might be a bit confusing. So we now have a “Getting Started” page. It’s a way for me to share information in a way that makes sense to new readers and for you to get the most out of what’s here. I’ll keep updating it as we add more ideas (you didn’t think I was done did you?)

I knew when I launched Knitting Nuances that sharing new ideas was the very foundation of the site. The blog has become my connection to you; a way I can explain how, what and why I’m doing things. When they work, and when they don’t. The new page is great place for you to refer fellow knitters to get them going.

You can find Getting Started on the home page, there’s a link to the right.

Or you can just click on this great big button.


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