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Trading Ashes for Beauty

I love charity work where you know your donation (cash or gift) is going straight to the people who need it. Here’s a fabulous effort from the With Mel blog. I’m sorting through my cotton stash now.


{This post will make more sense if you have read THIS POSTfirst}

You are a POWERHOUSE of amazingness! You really are!

And the fact that you can knit is an extra super power!

I went away for a week on adventure north…waaaay north…and I will share with you all that incredible time in days to come. Today I want to brag on You!

When I returned from Maine there were boxes and envelopes from everywhere each addressed to “Helping Haiti With Mel”. My kids opened them, I logged the contents and our whole household erupted in squeals of delight!

To date we have received 62 hand knit wash cloths to send to Haiti as well as 2 dozen toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste’s well as donations to purchase needed items!

See the rainbow of knitters love and kindness?

Rainbows from Knitters

To answer a common question that has arisen:

Is it too…

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2 comments on “Trading Ashes for Beauty

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  2. Frances Keefe
    October 7, 2014

    This is great…thanks for sharing it, Laura! I’d love to knit a washcloth…just need to find an easy pattern.

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