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These FIVE Stitches Will Instantly Improve Your Knit Edges

See how garter edges warp your knitting?

See how garter edges warp your knitting?

It’s funny how things work out. This post titled “These 4 Stitches Will Instantly Improve Your Knitting” introduced the Hatch Edge (shown to the right) and is our most popular post by far (really far, as in 400% higher than any other post). Thanks to the members of the Knitting Paradise forum, that post has jumped in popularity in just the past few weeks and now has over 15,000 views. Wow.

There is such an interest in fixing the rolling knit edge issue that we’ve added bonus material for our blog followers. When you join us you can download a PDF file with written instructions for three alternative edges.

The Showy Ridge Edge


Shown here w/Showy Decrease diamond. See links below.

The Showy Ridge Edge uses 5 stitches, but like the Hatch Edge does not take up that much space, about the same as 2 garter stitches. You’ll notice the similarities; the use of a 1-stitch, knit edge and a column of purl stitches to help prevent rolling (2 in this case). This edge, however, has more of a clean, contemporary line created by the connected line of Showy Decreases.

Here’s a swatch if you’d like to give it a try.


  • Note: edge stitches shown in [brackets]. Your pattern replaces k6 and p6.

I hope you’ll give this a try in your projects.  Here are some links that you’ll find helpful:


9 comments on “These FIVE Stitches Will Instantly Improve Your Knit Edges

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  4. Laura Cunitz
    January 26, 2015

    Thank you to Vanessa for noticing the original chart started on the right side by mistake. The above chart has been corrected.

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  6. Molly
    July 4, 2016

    Well it looks nice and I am trying this out but I must say the chart is confusing. Purl symbol means purl, except if you’re on the wrong side and then it means knit? It’s a good thing the written instructions were there because after a few failed attempts at the chart I was ready to toss the works into the rubbish bin.

    • Laura Cunitz
      July 5, 2016

      Hi Molly, Yes, charts are confusing at first but I hope you’ll give them another try because they can be very helpful. My first chart attempt had me knitting garter instead of stockinette for the very same reason you mentioned, so I completely understand. We have a chart tutorial available on the free downloads page of our website.


      • Molly
        July 6, 2016

        I’ve been knitting charts for ages and I should have mentioned that in my first comment. I’m just used to charts that have purl stitches marked as purl so anything left blank is automatically a knit. My mistake for not realizing these charts are not the same as what I am used to using.

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