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The Perfect Rib for your Over Sized Scarf

Big scarves are this year’s fashion statement, but you need a super size rib to match your oversized scarf.  Not to worry, we’ve got one for you …  the Showy Canyon Rib takes your rib scarf to new heights.

Telluride, Colorado

It took only moments for me to fall in love with Telluride. Located at the end of a box canyon in western Colorado, the town sits between walls of majestic mountains. It is somehow both an old western and Victorian town where saloons and fanciful Victorian homes sit side by side. While my family skied, I indulged in two of my favorite pastimes, knitting (of course) and photography. I signed up for an outdoor photography class and spent several happy hours tramping across snowy fields in search of the perfect photo. This is one of my favorites.


Telluride Canyon Scarf

The Showy Canyon Rib

What a perfect inspiration for this dramatic rib. The Showy Decrease takes the stereotypic “k1, p2” rib to new heights, or maybe it’s to new depths? Either way it’s the perfect rib for a dramatic scarf. Another benefit is the back side of the scarf looks like stockinette, so there really is no wrong side.

One thing to note is that you don’t just cast on and go. A partner stitch is added for each raised rib after the cast on row and later eliminated on the last row before you bind off. This allows the partner stitch to better slide behind the Showy Decrease so it’s not visable. The free pattern has detailed instructions. It’s a quick, easy knit in your favorite bulky yarn like this Cascade 128 or the blue Pastaza below.

This is just the first of several ideas coming your way this winter. I hinted at it in the last post where a one Showy Rib is used as an interesting garter-alternative edge and we announced the Showy Rib in the next post (oops, I published them in the wrong order).

Telluride Canyon Scarf is available as a free Ravelry download. Go ahead and give it a try. It’s hard to capture the real depth in a photo, but once you get started you will be amazed.


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