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Take Your Knitting to New Depths with the Showy Rib

When the Showy Decrease was announced, I promised you we’d be doing some fun things with it. It was important to get some of the details down first, and we did with 18 posts in the past year that talk about the Showy Decrease, including a new detailed how-to tutorial that has line by line written instructions.

Showy Rib on the left

Showy Rib on the left

Introducing the Showy Rib

So now it’s time to explore, starting with the Showy Rib, the first of several ideas coming your way in this new year. Just take a look at the difference it makes! The Showy Rib is twice as deep as a standard rib.

Want to see more? Of course you do! Here’s a comparison of a rib/seed stitch pattern and the Showy Rib version used in the Seismic Scarf we’re announcing in a few days. Take a look, it’s hard to believe that both are knit with the same gauge of 5 sts per inch.


It’s a variation of the  Vertical Showy Decrease

One of the first things we showed you was how the Showy Decrease can be used to match right and left leaning decreases or add vertical lines to your knitting. Here’s the chart that shows you how the Vertical Showy Decrease works along with a photo of the Fiftyfifty Shell that uses all three directions (Knitty). See the reversed yarn over in the chart below? You can take a look at this post with photos to learn why it works better than a standard yarn over in this case. Think of it in the same way as you do a Make 1 Right vs. Make 1 Left increase.


So how does the Showy Rib work?

Single Showy Rib

As shown above, the Showy Decrease was designed to add detail to the right side of stockinette, but it loves hanging out with purl stitches too.

A quick change of the stitches surrounding the 2 Showy Rib stitches and voila, you’ve got a raised Showy Rib! Wasn’t that easy? Here’s a single rib chart to give you an example. There’s a little more to it than this because a stitch is added after the cast on but both free patterns explain how it all works together.

You can knit a k1, p2 rib that’s really deep …


And here’s a closer look at what happens when you knit one in each direction …


Both of the examples above use a bulky weight yarn, but that doesn’t mean the ribs don’t have as much impact with lighter gauges.

Two free patterns to show you how it works. 

These ribs are used in the Telluride Canyon Scarf we just announced and Seismic Scarf coming in the next post.

Here are some posts that will help improve your understanding of the Vertical Showy Decrease:

  • The Vertical Showy Decrease
  • Master the Showy Decrease Part 1 has line by line written instructions for a sample swatch.
  • Master the Showy Decrease Part 2 with a full Yarn Over in Reverse explanation.

This is our first foray into using the Showy Decrease to modify popular stitch patterns. We’re going to have a lot of fun with that this year, so come on back to see what we’re up to in the months ahead.

Note: I was so excited to announce the Telluride Canyon Scarf that I didn’t notice I hadn’t hit ‘publish’ on the introduction first so the two posts are out of order. Oops. I’ll link them back and forth to help.Blog_Footer

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