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Knitting Unites Readers Around the World

Writing a blog is fun and much less complicated than it used to be. WordPress is popular because it’s pretty simple to write a post, make it pretty and track results. We get daily feedback on how many visitors we had, how many pages you looked at, where you’re from, who referred you to our site and your favorite ice cream flavor (only kidding). It helps bloggers determine what’s interesting to you and what you’d like to see more of (although I have to admit, I am often surprised by the results).

Not surprisingly, many of our readers come from Ravelry with Pinterest as the second most popular source. This also makes some sense because a nice photo tells a beautiful story. Facebook not so much. Even though many of you have ‘liked’ our page, Facebook only allows a small percent of readers to get the posts in their news feed (unless you’re willing to pay up that is).

Russian_Blog_MapThose of us who love to read blogs already know the knitting community is worldwide. Our readers span 45 countries with most of you coming from the US, Canada and the British Commonwealth. So imagine the slightly baffled look on my face early this morning when this is what our map of the world looked like.

Yup, most of the readers are from Russia. By now there are well over 1,000 views in two days with more every time I check (in the US too now that you’ve had time to wake up and have your first cuppa coffee).

It’s all due to a wonderful blog post written by a knitter whose name I can unfortunately not read because her entire blog is in Russian. She took some of our first blog posts and swatched them so her readers could see the ‘perfect’ eyelet, Subtle Decrease and raised Showy Decrease lines! It’s simply fabulous. I tried to post a comment on her blog, pushing buttons by trial and error but with no luck.

See the problem?


You can find it here if you’d like to see her photos and practice your Russian reading skills.

It gave me a warm feeling to know that in these days of increasing uncertainty an ancient craft can still unite people with a common interest no matter where they live. I hope our new Russian friend stops by to see how happy we are she shared.


2 comments on “Knitting Unites Readers Around the World

  1. Maria
    January 22, 2015

    Hi! I’m one of those russian readers 🙂
    I found a link here:
    Thank you for your great blog! It’s so interesting!

  2. Laura Cunitz
    January 23, 2015

    She found us! Yes, I did indeed hear back from our new Russian friend who goes by a-r-princess online. She was kind enough to send me an English translation so I could read the post. Cheers to new friends.

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