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Creativity and Originality

I received a nice but firm comment from a reader the other day. In it, Veronika, mentioned she did not think all  of my ideas were original and that I needed to be careful to credit others when it was due. I’m glad she wrote because it’s an important topic and I am in complete agreement with her.

The blog, website and designs here all center around knitting innovations we call “Nuances”. Sometimes they’re little tweaks to things you’ve been doing all along and sometimes they’re pretty new. Techniques like the Flat i-Cord or Showy Decrease are a new way to knit and use core skills that have been around forever. That does not mean everything I include in a pattern is a Nuance, sometimes I’m just a little bossy on exactly how I want you to do something, like how to cast on or how to work an increase, and I like to show you why I’m being so specific.

Knitting_Journey_UpdateHere’s an updated graphic to show you how far we’ve come in the past year. These skills form the foundation of the work we’ll be doing together over the next year. We’ve got more tweaks to some of these and more new ideas coming too.

This also doesn’t mean I’m assuming I’m the only person who may have thought of some of these. There is a whole wide world of amazing and creative knitters out there who may have similar ideas. The two items that Veronika was concerned about were the Make 1 Loop increase and Wavy Tail Cast On so let’s talk about those as examples.

Make 1 Loop: This was included as a pattern note in the pre-announcement of the Seismic Scarf. It was mentioned a long time ago by Elizabeth Zimmerman so there’s nothing new about it at all. The pattern note explains how I want you to work your increase as a counterclockwise loop and why not the more typical lifted make one. The free tutorial download does mention EZ but the pattern note is just a brief one liner.

Wavy Tail Cast On: This simple but effective modification of the long tail cast on makes for a more flexible and possibly decorative edge. It’s phase one of a two part modification we’ll use later. The first time it was referred to in a post, we mentioned that other knitters have used it in some form or another also, however,  I have changed the name to just Alternating Long-Tail Cast On so there’s no chance of confusion because I think her point was fair. One way in which we’ll use this cast on differently is to ask you to cast on in pattern just as you might ‘bind off in pattern’.

Once you get to know me, it will be easy to spot which ideas I think are ‘new’, I get pretty excited about them.  All of our Nuances and their tutorials can be found on one page on the website. There you’ll also find Nuance-lettes (little ideas) and general knitting tips like the two listed above. Which category each technique falls into is clearly defined.

Here’s what I learned by having thousands of new Knitting Paradise readers all in one day:

  1. It’s easy for me to get caught up in the story I am telling you as each blog post builds on the past ones, but I can never forget a post might be the first one for a new reader.
  2. Many, dare I say most, of our blog readers don’t know about our website. Blogs are a wonderful communication tool, but their chronological nature makes it hard to organize ideas; we use our website for that.
  3. Most importantly, I love meeting new readers!

Here’s what I’m doing about it:

  1. A web link graphic is being added to the bottom of every page so you know how to find helpful information easily.
  2. The website pattern pages have been really beefed up. Now they act as a central information point for the pattern with links to any tutorials or blog posts that are related.
  3. We’ll do the same for Nuances next (“this technique has been used in these patterns…”).
  4. I’ll continue to give credit where it’s due as often as I can but I can’t repeat everything everywhere and I may truly not know about another’s innovations. When that happens just tell me and I will happily link to the other source and look forward to meeting that designer too!

PillowHere’s a look at a pillow that sits in my living room but has not been written into a pattern yet. It gives you an idea of where we’re going. There are a few techniques included in that design that we haven’t covered yet and so it waits patiently. You’ll also note, I haven’t published a sweater. That’s because I have a few more ideas involving armholes, sleeves and seams that we have to wait for. I promise we’ll get there this year!

Thanks so much for visiting the blog. Go forth and try new things! It’s a lot of fun. Laura


4 comments on “Creativity and Originality

  1. whatzitknitz
    February 4, 2015

    there are so many knitters out there and so many ideas that it would be impossible to keep up with all of it. I like that you will take an older idea and give it a new twist.
    I am a knitter who enjoys the process so I like to knit small things – swatches,that become toys and blankets. hats and mitts which I can always find a home for. and the old stand by socks. all these are the perfect vehicle for trying out that new cast on or double knitting.
    I like having your blog in my feed. some mornings I wake up and read through a new technique or follow as your design patterns develop.
    I think you have a good style of writing so while every technique may not be new to me your writing and pictures make it easy to follow for your readers. so keep on giving me these ideas that I can adapt and throw onto my needles.

    • Linda M.
      February 25, 2015

      Just happened to run into your post. Totally agree.

  2. Lynne Ulicki
    February 4, 2015

    I love your living room pillow.

  3. Kathi Stoin
    December 11, 2015

    Elizabeth Zimmerman used the term “unventing” to describe knitting techniques that she figured out herself but that perhaps had already been done by someone else.
    Because…there is that little thing we call coincidence, especially since knitting is such an old skill.

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