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Finding Inspiration (or not)

We have a new blog format and website updates to tell you about.


It’s easy to see why we love to visit Lake Tahoe. It’s a wonderfully inspirational place and many a design idea has popped into my head while pursuing my second favorite hobby, photography. Our 72 mile drive around the lake Saturday provided many opportunities to explore and take photos. A few fun facts to encourage you to visit the area. Lake Tahoe is the US’s largest Alpine lake sitting over 6,000 feet above sea level, only the Great Lakes are larger. It’s an amazing 1,645 feet deep, so don’t drop anything off the boat, you won’t find it.

The drive also gave me time to think about how to better integrate the blog and website so information is more easily available to you and new readers. My next day was spent at the computer making big changes to the blog and website.

Updated Blog Theme:  The blog has been updated with a new theme that makes it easy to see a lot of posts. It has a Getting Started and New Reader page to get people going. I love how the Category View looks now. Check out our new Edges Category.

New Website Pages and Information: Did you know we have free tutorial downloads for our Nuances? Yup. Here’s a page that lists all our free patterns and tutorials. And now if you want to see which patterns use a Nuance you can (a reader request).  For example, when you click on the Showy Decrease page you’ll see all the patterns that use it.  More to do, but it’s a great start.

Beginner Knitters Page: New to knitting? That doesn’t mean our patterns are too hard for you. We’ve added a page with patterns that will work for you.

New Pattern Format: Our patterns are next. Don’t forget to take our Pattern Survey and get 2 patterns free. I’m shutting that down this week so we can get started rewriting patterns and publish the Seismic Scarf. I’ll share the results soon.

Not all is going as smoothly as the technology. The gnomes are messing with my knitting. This is my third attempt at a heel idea. I so messed up my live sock that I started knitting just heels so I could rip them out faster. And so I offer you this simple haiku that best describes how I am feeling at this moment. Off for a walk to clear my head.

UnheelKnitting Haiku

an idea taunts

stitches skew abnormally

frogs sing merrily


One comment on “Finding Inspiration (or not)

  1. Mary Ellen
    February 17, 2015

    Love the photo of Lake Tahoe. Thank you for including patterns that are not too hard for new knitters. While I am not entirely new to knitting, I have long breaks in between projects which makes me feel like I am starting all over again!

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