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Our First Bonus Material for Blog Followers


This was almost this blog post

Yesterday, I had the crazy idea to leave this post blank. Because the title says it all, I thought the post would really only need an arrow showing where to click on the sidebar. With that one click, you’d have access to our free bonus material.

If you just want the bonus material then click away, but for the rest of you, here’s the scoop…

A New Way to Share Information

Obviously, I love to blog about knitting. Blogging is an exciting and effective way to share each new idea with you. However, I’ve also been looking for an easy way that you could download and print some topic-based information. This way, you could use these techniques in all of your other projects too.

Here’s a great example. Take a minute to click on the Showy Decrease Category link to your right. It’s OK, I’ll wait for you ….

Did you see there are 21 posts about the Showy Decrease? These are some of my favorite posts, but what if you’re trying to figure out how to use the Showy Decrease in a pattern? It’s hard to know where to start, isn’t it? And that, my friends, is why I’m so excited to start a new education series to give you concise, topic-based information.

Nuancing_EdgesNuancing Your Knit Edges

I wanted to start with one fun topic to try out the idea. It was easy to decide which topic since it has the two most popular blog posts by far. The posts are “These 4 Stitches Will Instantly Improve Your Knit Edges” and the cleverly worded followup “These FIVE Stitches Will Instantly Improve Your Knit Edges“. They have over 18,000 views to date. That’s a lot of interest in knit edges. So, the new 2-page bonus material I’ve created includes those two edges as well as a new one that has not yet been announced.

This is just the beginning

If you like this format, then I’d like to create a series of similar educational materials. I’m already hard at work on the next one which will cover what I consider our core Nuance: the Showy Decrease. That’s why we’re making them available for blog followers. This way, I can get feedback and ideas from you and present them in logical order.


How to Access the Material

All you have to do is follow the blog. To find all the information you need, click on the “Join Us! Follow the Blog” page in the top left menu. If you are already following the blog, the password is always shown at the very bottom of any page right next to the ‘you are following this blog’ notice.

Let me know if this is helpful to you and what other topics you’d like me to organize next! See you next time.


5 comments on “Our First Bonus Material for Blog Followers

  1. Betsy H
    March 23, 2015

    I can’t find a password. I already followed you on Feedly, and then signed up for emails, and then clicked the feedly button on the bottom of the blog, and then tried signing up again with my email, and all I see are prompts to follow/join or “you are already subscribed to this blog”

    It’s late here, so it’s probably me, but what am I doing wrong?

    • Betsy H
      March 23, 2015

      Note: I do not have a wordpress account. that MIGHT be the issue, but I don’t want one either.

    • Laura Cunitz
      March 24, 2015

      Hi Betsy, I am not sure why it is not showing but I don’t want this to be hard for anyone on any browser so I added the password to the “Follow Us! Sign Up” page. Anyone that is having a similar problem finding the password can just go there. This post also updated to tell readers that. Thanks for the info.

  2. Peggy P
    March 24, 2015

    I am new to this site, and I really like the Hatch edge you have explained here…I think I am going to enjoy this blog!!

  3. Vicki Davis
    March 24, 2015

    That’s really cool,and helpful.Thank you.

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