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Create This Beautiful Star Pattern with the Showy Decrease

Estrellita_Top copyIn our last post, we left off with the introduction of the Showy Rib. These new ribs can be used to create dramatic scarves or, in this case, Showy Hat Brims. Here’s the perfect hat pattern to try it out.

The Estrellita (little star) Hat is chock full of knitting details you’ll want to use in other hat patterns as well. These are all techniques we’ve introduced in other patterns or blog tutorials so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice them first. Not that Estrellita is difficult to knit, just take it step by step and the repetitive pattern becomes clear. I’ve included a list of resources for you at the end of the post.

New techniques from start to finish

Estrellita_Malg_CloseThe hat starts with the Resilient Cast On. This pretty edge adds stretch to hat brims and flows right into a 1×1 Showy Rib.

The hat body is knit in a simple lacy version of the Showy Decrease that spirals around the hat before it’s used again to shape the hat and create the star pattern (a Showy Decrease trifecta). The hat can be knit as either a slouch or beret by varying the height of the body.

Of course, we finish off with our patented (not really) Double Decker Hat Top that keeps the texture and finishes with a nice clean closure.

Texture Galore!

Estrellita_DepthLet’s take a closer look at the amazing height of this stitch pattern.

The reason we love the Showy Decrease is because of its impact on the front of stockinette. The raised ridges really stand out and highlight the spiral pattern.

Since it’s much easier to photograph flat, this picture is of the matching blanket pattern. There’s more on that below.

This hat knit with Mochi Plus Seafoam is also lovely. Subtle colorway variations work best.



Yarn Recommendations

I knit another hat with a 100% merino (Lana Grossa, 22 sts per 4″), however, I was not as pleased with the results. The merino was too slippery and the hat was a bit floppy. I highly recommend a ‘stickier’ yarn like the single ply Malagrigo Silky Merino or the Mochi Plus. Some merino blends would work as well, for example, with alpaca or cashmere; Cascade Highland Duo comes to mind.

A yarn gauge from 18 to 20 sts per 4″ (even 22) will work as long as you keep to the tighter gauge for the brim. A Showy Rib has a larger gauge than a standard rib so I (highly) recommend a swatch, even if it’s flat. The results should be solid, but stretchy. There’s a lot of give with the cast on and rib pattern so knitting it too tightly most likely will not be the problem.


Don’t Make This Mistake

Time for an “I screwed up my knitting’ confession. If you take a closer look at this blue hat, you will notice that not only does my niece, Ellie, have beautiful eyes, but the brim looks stretched out. That’s because it is. The pattern calls for a reverse yarn over to be used as the increase paired with the Showy k2tog decrease. However, in my haste to knit up another sample, I forgot. I’m (kind of) glad I did since it now shows why the reverse yarn over is important.

I hope you’ll try this fun hat. It’s perfect for transitional weather and sure to become a favorite.

Free blanket pattern announced

With a quick addition of a few decreases the hat top also makes a beautiful blanket. I knit this one with a yarn with a long color change. The blanket pattern has been added to the Estrellita Hat. You can read about the Estrellita Blanket here.



15 comments on “Create This Beautiful Star Pattern with the Showy Decrease

  1. Linda M.
    September 25, 2015

    This isn’t the first I have seen this star pattern. It is an old, old pattern. I first saw it in some doilies that my Grandmother made. Then years later, and now at least 20 years ago I saw it again in a McCalls Winter Holiday craft magazine. The same star pattern was knit into an afghan, done all in white I think, which I made for my Mother as a lap afghan. I love how if you live long enough, patterns evolve and revolve. What’s old, becomes new again.

    • Laura Cunitz
      September 25, 2015

      Linda, I completely agree. I love to take things that have been around and modify them with a bit more punch. The Showy Decrease makes the star pattern really stand out.

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  6. Patricia
    March 1, 2016

    Love the pattern. Just need to get it.

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  10. Carol Griffin
    October 31, 2017

    Is it too late to get Estrella hat free on Ravelry? I tried, but looks as though it’s pay only.

    • Laura Cunitz
      November 1, 2017

      Hi Carol. Sure! I will actually go on and make it free now that it is has been around for a bit. I will get to that today.

      • Laura Cunitz
        November 2, 2017

        Carol – I did update Ravelry and the hat pattern is now free! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. Post your project on Ravelry if you can! Laura

  11. Judy
    May 5, 2019

    Working on a swatch and can’t figure out what is wrong. I can never get 27 stitches.

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