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This Louisa Harding Yarn Has Lovely Color Transitions

I owe you a blanket pattern. I promised to add one to the Estrellita Hat pattern when it was announced. The only issue is the original sample blanket was the inspiration for the hat and therefore, knit a while ago. It was also crazy large. That meant I needed another sample to test both the pattern and the yardage. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving Weekend project!


Nope, no color here, keep reading!

New Skills Coming The neutral color was picked to allow the stitch pattern to shine.  I also made a few changes from the hat pattern so you have something new to look forward to. These include the about-to-be-announced Woven Cast On and a new version of the Showy Decrease that is both decorative (it keeps its eyelet) and functional (it decreases).

Louisa_Harding_Yarn1Louisa Harding Yarn The tan yarn did, however, leave me in the mood to knit with some bright colors. A quick perusal of my rather large stash revealed I didn’t have quite the right yarn, which led in turn to a trip to my LYS where I found these two beautiful yarns from Louisa Harding, Trenzar and Amitola Grande.

I say it doesn’t count as stash if you’re going to knit with it right away. Am I right?


Louisa_Harding_Yarn2I was immediately drawn to the interesting color palette, the hombre effect within the colors and what appears to be a mix of long and shorter color changes.

The yarn comes in such lovely colorways, it was very difficult to pick just one. I’m actually pretty surprised I had the control to walk out of the store with just 2 balls of yarn!

You might initially compare Amitola with Crystal Palace Mochi Plus, but I don’t think it has the same feel. This 80% wool, 20% silk yarn is  more tightly spun with a solid feel, but still has the lightness of a single ply yarn.

New Scarf Pattern It seemed to me, that if you knit a project of just the right width, the color changes would result in a beautiful varied striping pattern. Probably just what they were planning for.

Louisa_Harding_Yarn3This is when the impulsive side of my knitting nature takes over. What this yarn needed was an infinity scarf! Another opportunity to use the Woven Cast On, the texture of the Showy Eyelet Decreases and perhaps the Woven Bind Off too.

I was stopped in my tracks (or in the middle of a round in this case) by the beauty of the colors partway through the ball. I was also pleased to note my dining room table had been recently dusted!

Here are some helpful links:

A request was made for a work-in-progress photo. You can see the nice chunky Woven Cast On and the raised Showy Decreases. So far so good. Cheerful knitting with these colors.LHarding_WIP


6 comments on “This Louisa Harding Yarn Has Lovely Color Transitions

  1. Sally
    December 1, 2015

    Please share what specific colrs you chose from the Louisa Harding collection and hopefully you will snap a photo of the scarf in process?

    • Laura Cunitz
      December 1, 2015

      Of course! The Amitola multi is #517 and the Trenzar is 309. I’ll add a WIP photo to the blog post!

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  3. Linda Knadler
    July 5, 2017

    Did you ever complete the Louisa Harding Woven Cast On project? I love your work-in-process, and would love to purchase the pattern, if there is one.

    • Laura Cunitz
      July 10, 2017

      I was just going through my pile of finished objects that need patterns and that is on the list. It’s a fall project so I put it aside but I will take a look at my notes and see how close it is. Laura

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