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Where to Find Fabulous Free Knitting Books

KP_Forum_BlogDo you belong to the Knitting Paradise forum? I do.

Knitting Paradise is a forum for knitters who love all things knitting. If you’re looking for the latest in software and user interfaces, you won’t find it here, it is pretty basic.

Don’t let that put you off because if you’re looking to share your passion for knitting with people from all over the world then you are in the right place. Got a knitting question? Someone on this forum is an expert. Want to share a picture of your latest creation?  They love it. You can share links to your favorite patterns, tutorials and even tell your favorite joke.

I didn’t know about KP (as we insiders call it) until last year. I’m now in, I’m hooked and think it’s a great resource. I know that whenever the blog views climb to a few thousand in a few hours, it’s because someone in the forum posted a link to it. They are very into new knitting techniques. So much so that I offered them a free pattern and I’d like to include you too.

Free Knitting Nuances Pattern Thru Sunday Night January 24th.

Raised Diamond Blanket

The Raised Diamond Points Blanket / Scarf is the latest blog post to get noticed on Knitting Paradise. That was our first post about the Showy Decrease and it’s a great introduction for all our new readers.

The timing is perfect, because I’m trying to get everyone caught up on our techniques so we can start applying them in new ways in 2016. Here are some links:

  1. Raised Diamond Points Blanket / Scarf pattern is on Ravelry and the free code is Paradise.
  2. Original blog post and More Photos on our website.
  3. If you’d like to try a pattern that’s a bit easier first, the Manchester Scarf  is always free. It also has the very popular Hatch Edge.

Source for Free Knitting Books

A KPer from Illinois posted a link to Slide Share. It’s part of Linked In and as far as I knew was a place for business people to share their presentations. She found a free learn-to-knit book and it was a good one. I started trolling the site and found 8 free books. They are not new, but knitting is pretty timeless.  (Links are below.)Slide Share Books

More Free Books and Magazines Too

But wait! She had another one. has dozens of free books and magazines.  A few are partials, but many are complete editions. They include books by Nicky Epstein and Vogue Knitting.


Need Help Substituting Yarn?

ZaraAnd since we’re talking resources; there is a site that went live about a year ago that helps you find yarn substitutions. It’s called

For example, I had some Zara Merino yarn, but I think it is discontinued. I entered ‘Zara’, the site gave me some options to choose from then voila! 15 recommendations for substitute yarns and tells me how well it matches. As a designer, I would love to provide alternative yarns in my patterns.


Here are the individual links to the Slide Share books.

  1. Teach Yourself to Knit (very comprehensive w/good layout)
  2. Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia
  3. 400 Knit Stitches
  4. Encyclopedia of Knitting
  5. A to Z Crochet
  6. The Art of Cable Knitting
  7. Free Sock Knitting Patterns
  8. Nako 75 patterns

Thanks KPers for the interest, the information and the fun.

6 comments on “Where to Find Fabulous Free Knitting Books

  1. Emily
    January 21, 2016

    Thank you so much – very pretty. Looks like fun to knit.

  2. Sandra Drouin
    January 21, 2016

    Great free books! Thank you so much from a fellow KP follower.

  3. dragonflylace
    January 21, 2016

    This is one of the fantastic posts… I fell like I fell into a magical rabbit hole of knitting and crafting treasures. thanks so very much!!!!!

  4. Barbara
    January 24, 2016

    Disappointed is my 1-word comment. I’ve tried for about 15 minutes but I couldn’t find 400 Knitting Stitches. Not really complaining – I really wanted it.

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