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Creative Inspiration 21 Years in the Making

Spring 1995 Some events just don’t turn out as you imagine them.

Like many new mothers, I looked forward to my first child’s first haircut as a milestone in her growth from baby to child. In my naiveté I was full of anticipation when instead, I should have been full of apprehension because we were about to blow the doors off my local salon.

BabyInto the peaceful atmosphere, calm colors and soothing music of my  Aveda salon burst a bundle of  momentum. The perfect example of kinetic energy, incapable of the motionless periods required while sharp scissors buzzed around her head.

See that sweet innocent look? Don’t be fooled. That was her “don’t look now, I’m about to bolt up the stairs again” look. A sweet child, always on the verge of killing herself. Escape was her middle name and driving her mother insane was her game.

Fast Forward 21 Years

I did find a tranquil creative atmosphere 21 years and 50,000 Aveda Pure Privilege bonus  points later. This is where I was last week. At the Sugar Ridge Resort  on the island of Antigua where I enjoyed my free 3-night resort and spa retreat as a guest of Aveda.


With yarn, colored pencils and sketch pad in hand, I had four days to knit and play with new ideas, interrupted only by my daily massage or facial. I treasured these blocks of dedicated, creative time, which were enhanced by the sun, the calm and just maybe a few rum punches. Most of the other vacationers were Brits and I even met a few knitters.

It was time well spent as I worked on a new collection I am desperately trying to finish for you in the next month. You’ve seen themes from me before, the latest, a series of projects based on the Showy Rib.


The Showy Decrease returns (again) the next time around, but we’re using it in a different more decorative way.

These days were the perfect opportunity to brainstorm and answer some questions that had been circling around in my head:

  • How many projects to include.
  • How to best show different aspects of this new idea
  • Ordering the projects to create a tutorial progression.
  • Deciding which projects could be knit in the round.
  • Determining what other Nuances need to be announced ahead of time.

As a result of all this focused work, I have a plan. Now all I need to do is execute and knit, knit, knit.

Deep_WorkFortunately, my reading material for the week was just what I needed, “Deep Work by Cal Newport, Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World”.

Perfect for writers, creators, computer coders, students – really anyone that needs to think, has little time or is always checking social media and email. I highly recommend the book, it’s an easy read and chock full of practical ideas.

“The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words:. …….. I did not have time.” Franklin Field via Maria Forleo video cast


Telluride_JacOh, and that little girl who wouldn’t get her hair cut? Regular readers have already met her since I’m always accosting her with some new project to model when she gets home from college.

Aveda_HairShe’s rock’in her haircut these days and still always on the move. I’d like to think she’s learned to manage her risks, but most likely, she’s just channeled her energy into her skiing.

What do you think?

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