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The Knotted Bind Off, Another Fantastic Edge



Woven Cast On

I love big bulky edges. Not only do they add a great deal of drama, they have more stretch and more weight making them perfect for a wide variety of projects.

The first bulky edge we announced was the Woven Cast On. It uses two strands of yarn and a variation of the long-tail cast on for some wow factor.

The Knotted Bind Off


Knotted Bind Off

Next on our list of fantastic edges is the Knotted Bind Off.  I’m  declaring right up front that it’s my favorite to date. The edge is bulky and dramatic and stretchy. It’s also easy.

We’re called Knitting Nuances because many of these ideas are simple tweaks to existing knitting techniques; not always, but usually. I like that because it means you have a running start at understanding the technique.

In this case we’re nuancing the k2tog bind off by:

  • adding a second strand of yarn,
  • alternating k2tog and p2tog,
  • changing how you move the working yarn between stitches.

knotted_bo_pdf1Free 2-Page Tutorial Download

It’s all explained in this free 2-page Knotted Bind Off download that includes a step-by-step photo tutorial. Don’t let all the pictures worry you, the technique is super simple, I just got in the grove and showed each and every step.

To download to your computer: Once the page opens in your browser, just hover the curser over center bottom of your screen and click print or download.

Bonus Single Strand Option

But wait, there’s more because you may not always want to use 2 strands to bind off.

This last minute Christmas gift for my niece is part of the Showy Garter collection. It needed a pretty edge and the 2-strand bind off was just too much in this Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande. Working the above bind off with just 1-strand did not work, the edge was sloppy, so I kept playing around until it worked. It’s also shown in the top photo.

I think this version of the bind off looks better when worked on a wrong side row so give it a try.


Free Download Link: Both versions of the bind off are included in the tutorial. Grab some needles and play around with it!

7 comments on “The Knotted Bind Off, Another Fantastic Edge

  1. Fern
    January 17, 2017

    Hello, I’m brand new to this website and am wondering if you address crocheting issues as well as knitting. My question about crocheting is this: How can I keep the edges (the right and left sides of the fabric) straight? My knitted edges are straight but my crocheted edges are bumby.

    • Laura Cunitz
      January 18, 2017

      Hi, I would love to help but I am not a crocheter. Sorry!

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  5. Nicki
    November 9, 2017

    Love this bind off!

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