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4 Eye Catching Showy Garter Dish Cloths

Intro to Showy Garter Blog Post 2

Let’s Get Started with 4 Dish Cloths

What better way to introduce the Showy Garter Decrease than with a series of dish cloth patterns you can also use as swatches? Those of you not yet familiar with the Showy Decrease should pop over to this post to see all the other ways we have used it. It creates a raised line that really adds texture to your knit fabric.


I read a post on the Knitting Paradise forum recently asking American knitters “what’s up with your love of knitting dish cloths?”.  The responses showed just how much some knitters love them. I had never been a dish cloth knitter until now, it’s why I was working on the ‘crochet 1 through back loop‘ chain in last week’s blog post.


Spiral Crochet Chain Loops

The pictures above were taken in my kitchen. No one in my family will use them yet, it’s very funny. At first they thought they were oven mitts, an idea I firmly dispelled, now they’re afraid to ruin them.

Not interested in a dish cloth? That’s fine, just use the instructions to knit a swatch. You never know though, like me, you might start to enjoy them. I liked knitting with the Knit Picks Dishie yarn. It’s a nice soft cotton perfect for this use,  comes in a lot of colors and generous 100g skeins.

Free Showy Garter Decrease eBook on Ravelry

dish_4packThe ebook includes patterns for four solid dish cloths as a means to introduce and practice different ways to use the Showy Decrease. There is also a list of pros and cons for knitting tight or loose gauge cloths.

The 3-color versions may give you some ideas for knitting scarves. Just add a few more repeats and maybe a larger gauge yarn. I particularly like the wide and narrow stripes pattern shown in the center photo.

I would have loved to knit sample scarves for you, but there are three more ebooks in the works! If I knit every project I find interesting, I’d never get to the patterns for the other 15 projects and I can’t wait to share them with you.

There’s More on the Way

showy_garter_wavesNext up are the three scarf patterns included in the ebook. If you go to Ravelry and download the free ebook the dish cloths and the first scarf are already there. There’s a blog post coming for each project so we’re taking this step-by-step.


If you are new to the blog and our Nuances you’ll want to get caught up on the Showy Decrease and some of our other techniques. We’ve organized the blog categories to make this easier and don’t forget to stop by our website for a list of free patterns that demonstrate these ideas.

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