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Wrap & Tuck this Showy Garter Scarf

Intro to Showy Garter Blog Post 5

This cozy Carnelian Bay scarf switches things up from the preceding scarves in this Showy Garter collection. The scarf is knit side-to-side with over lapping Showy Decrease lines. This will teach you to start and stop Showy lines in the middle of a project, something we’ll be doing a lot of in future patterns.


I love to knit scarves for new college students. I use their school colors, unless those colors are something they’ll never wear. My daughter didn’t want a scarf in CU Boulder’s black and gold so she picked a pretty aqua and teal to match her ski coat  and I knit her a pillow in her school colors instead.
sarah_coldMy niece, Sarah, left San Diego for a school in Boston this fall. We knew she’d be in for a shock when winter came and laughed at her fall photos saying she was freezing. She chose this magenta color (vs. the school’s Kelly green and white) and I picked a bulky alpaca to keep her warm. The scarf is designed to wrap around the neck two or three times then button flat inside the coat. It will keep her warmer this way.

Design Features

carnelian_wrapThis is a quick knit on US 11 needles. The three colors alternate every row so there aren’t a lot of ends to weave in later. The two sets of Showy Decrease vertical lines overlap in a nice contemporary design. Since the scarf is knit side-to-side, the Showy Decrease lines are horizontal on the scarf. The pattern uses the knotted bind off for a pretty edge.

Decorative button bands are added at each end in order to help the scarf stay secure and lie flat under the coat. The button side is a bit longer than the button hole side so the pretty edges in contrasting colors both show. I like this overlapping flat construction, it’s easy to wear with or without a coat. You’ll see it again soon.

Take a peek at the knit edge on this scarf (top right photo above), it’s pretty amazing in this gauge.  You can  read more about this bind off in the Edges category. Thanks again to my friend Nikki, who’s my Tahoe model and gets to stand in the cold Sierra winter for photos.


If you are new to the blog and our ‘Nuances’ you’ll want to get caught up on the Showy Decrease and some of our other techniques. We’ve organized the blog categories to make this easier and don’t forget to stop by our website for a list of free patterns that demonstrate these ideas.

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