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Free Bonus Pattern, Extreme Curves Ahead.

tahoe_snow_blogWhat to do on a snowy day?

I found myself snowed in (again) with the desire to knit something cozy. A quick knit for a “sit in front of the fire with some tea and watch the snow fall” weekend.

Even though this has been a record breaking snow year, I still enjoy living in four seasons again. The year-round warm sunny weather in San Diego limits the type of yarn you knit with (sounds tough I know). One of the first things I did when I moved to Tahoe after seven years in SoCal was to buy lots of  merino and alpaca yarn. Luckily all I had to do now was raid my stash for some super soft Cascade Bulky Alpaca, perfect for a quick knit weekend project. Good thing I had that stash, hey?

killingtonExtreme Curves Ahead

I grew up on the East Coast and learned to ski at Killington, Vermont. It was the first place my boyfriend (now husband of 25 years) and I skied together. Don’t think for a minute that I ever skied down this famous mogul run, but it should have been my first hint that marrying this guy would ultimately result in living in the snow.

This scarf is the exact opposite of the straight lined  Showy Garter projects I’ve been knitting for the last few months. The curving Showy Decrease lines of this scarf remind me of the ski tracks on a mountain with fresh snow. I picked a creamy neutral color to highlights the amazing curves and texture of this modified popular pattern.

I love what adding our Nuances has done for the pattern.


outer_limits_edgeThe Hatch Stitch Edge

The last blog post focused on how the Showy Decrease and other Nuances can be used to improve traditional stitch patterns and edges.

As I mentioned, this pretty Hatch Edge, is a nice garter stitch alternative and has been our most popular post ever. It’s perfect for this edge that flows with the curve of the stitch pattern.

The Crossover Scarf

outerlimits_mainThe infinity scarf is very popular, I love it too. Wrap it, twist in and you’ve got a versatile scarf. However, I’ve also become a big fan of this crossover scarf as the winter progresses. It’s practical  for a number of reasons. Its short length is fast to knit, it’s not bulky and tucks in side your jacket to keep you warm. The scarf also lies flat on top of your sweater or coat and stays put. The wide dimension drapes on my shoulders comfortably and has  quickly become my go to shawl when it gets a little chilly, inside or out.

I used the same idea in the Carnelian Bay I sent my niece. That one was long and thin and wrapped around the neck twice. It’s part of the huge Showy Garter eBook just published in Ravelry.

I pulled out my handy dandy Coin Shawl Pins to keep the scarf in place. You can read about the Euro Coin pins here.

This free pattern is just for you, the blog followers

We’ve had an amazing growth in followers in the past few months and I wanted to say thanks. No Ravelry links this time.

Want the free pattern?  Just click on the Bonus Materials link here or up there on the left and enter the password. If you haven’t started following the blog yet click on the Join Us Follow the Blog link first.

k3tog_SneakPeekForgot your password or really don’t want to follow the blog? That’s OK, the password is Nuances (capital N) and I hope you’ll be back soon.

There are three more projects that germinated from this swatching exercise so off I go to finish them. Want a sneak peek? Who am I to say no?

4 comments on “Free Bonus Pattern, Extreme Curves Ahead.

    March 23, 2017

    i cant find the pattern.

    • Laura Cunitz
      March 24, 2017

      I added a “Click this” next to the link on the bonus page to make it clearer.
      I also sent you the direct link to your email. Hope that helps. Laura

  2. Dot
    April 1, 2017

    Thank you for these pretty patterns! I subscribe to your blog using Feedly, not your “join us” link, so I appreciate that you posted the password here.

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