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Foolproof Method to Seam Garter Ends (without grafting)

Who out there loves to finish their knitting?

No? It’s a common issue that can result in a pile of UFO’s that are this close to the finish line.

I am not, to be completely honest, a huge fan of this part of the process. It’s not that I don’t know how or am not excited about wearing my new sweater, and it’s not the time it takes. I have, after all, designed multiple cast on and bind off techniques that take multiple rows and lots of stitches. I firmly believe that time spent on details is well worth the effort.


CC shoulder seam matches CC stripes

The issue is that most finishing techniques have no guaranteed outcome. All that time and effort assuring your gauge is perfect, your tension even and your stitch pattern correct and it can all be for naught when messy seams ruin the look.

My never ending quest for new and updated knitting techniques includes seaming. It’s the reason I haven’t published any sweater patterns yet. I’m still looking for better shoulder and side seam options and most importantly a better way to join sleeves. We’re going to start this quest with a new way to seam garter ends without using a tapestry needle or grafting.

Joining Garter Ends

Seaming two garter side edges is one of the easier techniques; smile and frown stitches are clear indicators of where to run your tapestry needle.

Once you start seaming ends, however, it takes a little more knowledge and even more finesse. In my opinion, even the tutorial videos don’t look good, it’s easy to spot the shoulder seam on a garter sweater. This seam would also be great for a mobius scarf (provisional cast on, knit flat, twist and join) and for blocks of a blanket.


Combining Two Popular Bind Offs

This bind off combines two existing techniques and has the benefits of each.

  • The Three Needle Bind Off is easy to work, consistent and does not require a tapestry needle.
  • The Knit 2 Together Bind Off has a nubby texture and it also easy to work.

Let’s see what happens when you combine the two. Here’s a quick overview. Detailed instructions are available in the tutorials including the very important nuance that this is worked on the right side.


Want to Try It?

There are two tutorials for you. If you’re a designer and want to use this in your pattern, I highly encourage it! Just send me a note and I can help provide you the materials you’ll need. That goes for all our Nuances, the point of this blog is to share ideas.

Note: If you want to knit with a contrasting color then the last knit row of each side should be in that color also.

I’d love to see how you use it. Send in a photo to share with us.

5 comments on “Foolproof Method to Seam Garter Ends (without grafting)

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  2. ElyseKnox
    December 5, 2017

    Love the method and BIG congrats on the quality of your video. The whole time your work was centered, close up and did not wander off the top or sides.

    • Laura Cunitz
      December 5, 2017

      Elyse, I am laughing in my kitchen reading your comment. You should see me working around a canister holding my iPhone on a tiny tripod. It is pretty funny to watch. If I don’t record early in the morning the bright mountain sun casts too many shadows. Now if You Tube will behave and put all my stuff in one pace I would be truly happy. Thanks for the comment. Laura

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