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Ready, Set, Swatch

Design Along Post 4

Who’s ready to get their hands dirty …  jump into the deep end or whatever metaphor works for you?


As you can see, the back of the sweater is progressing and I’m pleased with the results! It will look better after it’s blocked. I especially like how the Showy Cable pattern on the edge flows so nicely into the overall back stitch pattern.

Back_WIP_EdgeI’ve worked up to the armholes and will stop here for now. I need to spend some quality thinking time working the armholes and sleeve cap concept. The Showy Decrease results in clean, matching decreases and I need to figure out how to work them into the shaping and seaming aspects of the arms/sleeves. I’m traveling for a few days and have swatching yarn with me to try out some ideas. I’ll let you know how they are going in a future post.


Manchester_Swatch3_CutoutLast time, I gave you some homework. I asked (nicely) for you to try the Manchester Scarf swatch because it also has right and left leaning decrease (k2tog and ssk) in a stitch pattern that is less complicated. I can’t emphasize enough how much easier this is if you can spot the pattern in your knitting;

  • WS: the double strand stitches that resulted from the decreases on the prior row so you know when to slip
  • RS:  the connected line of raised Showy Decreases

The Swatches

Publishing this tutorial took a while longer than I anticipated. Creating charts and written instructions for both the before and after swatches took some time. I know I’ll be pleased when I write the pattern later to have so much of the work done up front.


Bonus Materials

There is a PDF file for you to download on the Bonus Materials page on our website. It includes these charts and written instructions. If you are not a chart reader, I encourage you to give it a try. We have a Chart Reading Tutorial, there is a link to it on the PDF.

The Bonus Materials page is just for blog readers so it does not show up in the website menu. In the future you can find the link in the Bonus Materials page here on the blog. It’s up there in the top left corner.

OK, give it a go. I can’t wait to here from you. If you’re frustrated just step back and work on the Manchester Scarf homework. This is a techniques that gets easier with practice.

Ready to go? Click here for the Knitting Nuances Bonus Materials Page

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Next Up … sleeves. They will start with that same Showy Cable edge and will give me a chance to really think about that sleeve shaping and seaming.

5 comments on “Ready, Set, Swatch

  1. M-R
    February 8, 2018

    Goodness, but you’re generous with your time ! I shall be taking advantage of your kindness when I’ve finished my entry for this year’s Scarf Compeition – some time æons into the future. Sighhh …

    • Laura Cunitz
      February 9, 2018

      Thank you M-R. I love doing this. I do have a goal and it’s to be a nationally recognized designer, teach at Stitches etc. In order to do that I have to prove myself you all of you first … one knitter at a time!

      • M-R
        February 9, 2018

        Count me proven to. 😀

  2. Barbara Widder
    February 8, 2018

    I’ve been working on the Manchester Scarf and love the way it’s turning out! Thank you so much for the fun lesson at Jimmy Beans.

  3. Barbara Widder
    February 8, 2018

    I’m loving this pattern. I left a comment on your blog but couldn’t figure out how to share this picture. Thanks again for the great class! Barbara

    Sent from my iPhone


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