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Get Sneak Peeks on Instagram

What can I do so this blog is the most helpful for you?

It’s a question I have and continue to ponder. This is especially true right now as I approach my much improved post-Lyme health with an eye to being much more productive in the coming year(s)(s)(s). I am maintaining a completely positive attitude about my recovery and have no plans to look backwards.

Decision 1: What to blog?

I follow a wide range of blogs myself. Some publish almost constantly, some are general, some chit chat away and some are purely topical.

I decided pretty early on that I wanted each blog post to offer you something helpful. A new technique or design that shows you how to use it. I want you to trust that if you see a new blog post from Knitting Nuances, there will (hopefully) be something interesting. So no chatting about my dogs or the weather. That does mean that even if I am healthy and knitting away at new designs, I can’t possibly pop a new idea out weekly.

So how to keep in touch without clogging up the blog?

Decision 2: How soon to share it?

Back_Pattern_TallThere is a second consideration when posting to the blog. Do I wait until I am done to spring new designs on you? Other than the one sweater design along, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing so far. These designs have gone though a lot of steps before you see them.

First they have made it into the Finished Object pile. That’s not a small thing. I have, at any one time, a dozen projects on the swatching board. Published projects also have detailed notes, a second or third sample, sizing and yardage calculations, a written pattern, tutorial support, snazzy photos, and descriptive materials for the blog and Ravelry.  It’s a wonder anything makes it to you at all.

Designing is a risky process. If you never want to rip out hours of work, then follow someone else’s pattern. Designing is also  fun and exciting. It a kick to see the hint of an idea work successfully on needles. I’d love to share these moments with you.

#knittingnuances on Instagram

I believe the solution is Instagram.

OK, so it’s not an original thought but it’s a tool I needed to use with a purpose.

On Instagram I can share snippets of ideas, sketches and swatches with you and let you know how it works out. It does require patience on your part. There’s no telling in what order WIPs will be published. For example, I have at least a dozen hats just waiting to get into the pattern queue.

Then again, this should be a two way street. If you see something you want now, it should move to the front of the line.

So if you are game, pop over to Instagram and search for knittingnuances. There you’ll find a few existing announcements and my first preview photos of my sock design ideas.

The Sock Template

Blog Sydney

Sculpture by the Sea walk at Bondi Beach, Sydney. 

I’m currently in Australia and working on a number of sock designs. This started with a class I designed for new sock knitters. As someone who didn’t really enjoy knitting socks myself, I wanted to create an easy template for knitting socks. Something onto which you can plop different stitch patterns.

With the feedback of some sock knitting friends, I chose to knit toe up socks starting with Judy’s Magic Cast on and German Short Row heels. Easy to learn and master, these are the basis for my new sock designs. I’m now excited to add some Nuances to my socks, Showy Decreases, textured stitch patterns, deep ribs and pretty bind offs.

Marlette Blog 3Of course, I have to play around a little. So I’m trying the round top from my Marlette Lake Mittens for the toe. Like the mittens, the socks will also have right and left foot shaping. Why not? The pattern will be asymmetrical to help identify which foot the sock belongs to (just in case you need a little extra help).

I love German Short Rows because they are so easy to knit. However, while touring the Blue Mountains outside Sydney I became a bit distracted. You can see why, it’s beautiful.

Blue Mnts1.jpg

Somehow, I had 5 stitches left on one side and just 2 on the other. Asymmetric toes are one thing, heels … not so much.

p.s. Make sure you find knittingnuances and not Laura Cunitz unless you really do want kids, dogs and lots of Tahoe snow photos.

6 comments on “Get Sneak Peeks on Instagram

  1. M-R
    October 25, 2018

    G’day, mate ! – Owyergoinorright ? [grin]
    I think you and my Dutch blogger friend, Spinning Anna, should be following each other. You have the same approach.
    Big Aussie hug to you, up there where I lived for 41 years …

  2. tamarque
    October 26, 2018

    Yes, assymetric toes–anything with a centered design must be assymetric on my feet. Did one pair that was custom designed for each foot separately as the 2 of mine are not mirror images of each other. That really was fun to do and the socks are one of the best fitting pairs I ever did.

    Instagram? Hmm, another new technology to challenge me. We will see.

    Lucky you to be visiting in such a gorgeous part of the world.

  3. Emily Harter
    October 26, 2018

    Because I do not do Instagram, I am sorry I’ll loose your instructional comments. Best wishes in your new endeavor.

    • Laura Cunitz
      October 28, 2018

      Emily, No worries. All the detailed info will still be on the blog. Instagram is a way to show quick photos but they won’t have much information with them.

  4. Cher Carter
    October 30, 2018

    Hi Laura, from a follower of your blog Cher Carter…. I am on the Gold Coast in Queensland… welcome my knitting guru!


    • Laura Cunitz
      October 30, 2018

      Hi Cher! We are certainly enjoying our trip down under. We were just in Port Douglas touring the beautiful Daintree Rainforest. On our way to Kangaroo Island and Tasmania after this brief stop in Adelaide to taste some Aussie wine!

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