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These Reel Boot Toppers Have a Fun Surprise in Back

Who’s feeling sassy this winter? 

These kind of boot toppers, kinda leggings were inspired by the Irish dancers in my family. The Reel, along with a variety of jigs, are common dances performed at Irish dance competitions.

Real Reel socks are a little more practical but the idea started there and these guys are fun coming and going. You’ll see why in a minute.

The Showy Cable

I like this faux Cable because it’s less dense than a standard cable, easy to knit and you can use it in a lot of ways. We’ve already announced a few other Showy Cable projects, including my favorite Marlette Lake Mittens and the Dubhlinn Cowl

In this project you’ll use the right and left leaning Showy Decrease with and without eyelets and the vertical Showy Decrease which creates a lot of drama on the seed stitch. What seed stitch you ask? 

Here it is! Just take a look at the back of these boot toppers. Sassy with a capital S. 

In the 40’s nylon stockings were made flat and seamed up the back. These were referred to as ‘full fashioned” stocking. (Not to worry, no seaming here.)

They became so popular that when DuPont halted production to make parachutes for the war, women would paint the stocking seam line on the back of their legs. When they became available again after the war, the demand was so high the manufacturers couldn’t keep up which lead to the “Nylon Riots”.  

Hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. 

These are the shorter version. Same in front & back.

The boot toppers come in two lengths. The simple shorter version is just 7” long with a matching front and back. 

The longer ‘seamed’ version is still knit in the round with a faux seam created by the vertical Showy Decrease. The line is not just a slip stitch. The Showy Decrease really stands out against the seed stitch.

They are shaped along the back seed stitch area and come in three sizes. The design is very stretchy so they will fit everyone. The medium and large have additional shaping in the front to adjust for the larger calf sizes.

All the samples where knit with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. It is one of my favorite sport weight yarns and comes in an amazing array of non-babyish colors. It is currently only sold by Love Knitting in the US. I just noticed it is 30% off as of today and you’ll probably still be able to find in on sale elsewhere too. We are very grateful that UK-based Love Knitting picked up the Debbie Bliss brand before they went out of business.

Helpful Links

You can find the pattern here on Ravelry.

 You can read more about the Showy Decrease here on the blog. Some helpful posts include:

I hope you enjoy this quick knit.

Thanks to my daughter Jackie for putting up with her mother’s photography needs on a cold snowy day.

She also makes a damn fine editor, adds all my commas, and really helped on the last post about what makes a knitter a knitter. (That last Oxford comma was for her, I simply refuse to use them.)

P.s. If you are not following knittingnuances on Face Book or Instagram you’re missing out on sneak peeks on up coming projects and a few of my not so successful frog it projects as well.

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