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A Fresh Take on Chevron

Chevron speaks to me on many levels because it offers so many opportunities for design and colorwork.

Chevron is created by lining up of a series of decreases adjacent to a series of increases. Which decreases you use and how you combine them with increases is where the fun starts. The frequency of the waves can be short or long, the peaks sharp or rolling depending on your choices.

Nuance Techniques + Chevron

I was wondering how “Nuance” techniques could impact and update chevron stitch patterns. Quite a bit as it turns out. Think about the different types of Nuances, they include decreases, increases and edges. All certainly apply to chevron designs.

The smooth raised lines of the Showy Decrease make for a clean, more modern look.

New Malabrigo Verano

Who likes to knit with cotton? Mmmm, I am looking and don’t see too many hands raised out there. That’s OK, mine isn’t either. However, I really enjoyed knitting with the Malabrigo Verano. It’s plied and soft, doesn’t feel stiff in your hands and the colors are spectacular. The perfect late summer knit you can wear into fall.

As is too often the case, I found myself selecting color combinations as soon as I spotted the yarn in the store. This impromptu project went from shelf, to register, to needles and publication within ten days. That’s a record.

Some might call that obsessive, I would call it spontaneous, dedicated . . . OK, obsessive.

Verano blocks our nicely and much longer than knit. The shawl grew from 63 to 72 inches after blocking.  

I knit with US 7 (4.5mm) needles. The last thing you want is a massive dish cloth, so if you are a tighter knitter use a larger needle. Please swatch a few rows in garter stitch to make sure you like the drape.

Free shawl pattern available at Jimmy Beans Wool

The pattern is free (I love free) and available at Jimmy Beans Wool where you can buy the kit with yarn or download just the pattern at no cost. They’ve put together a number of color comination alternatives for you to choose from.

This is the first of several Showy Garter Chevron shawls that will be announced back to back pretty quickly. Each has variations that make it a little different. 

Characteristics of the Summer Celebration Shawl (the simplest of the three) include: 

  •  a consistent width Showy Garter Chevron with rolling waves
  •  invisible knit 1 back and front increases
  •  a contrasting lattice pattern. 

What will future chevron have? 

Narrow to wide chevron repeats, shaper peaks, twisted stitches, decorative edges, non-repeating stripes, gradients, big fat open eyelets and lacy looks too. Want a sneak peek? Of course you do!

Come visit me at Jimmy Beans Wool

If you happen to be in the Reno / Tahoe area stop by to take my Fresh Take on Chevron class. It will cover the skills needed to knit any of these chevron projects.

I’m always flexible, so if you’re in town and want a custom class on any of our projects I am glad to help and pleased to meet you. Just let me know in advance since I am not there everyday (good thing, my stash couldn’t take it if I was).

Buy the kit with yarn or download just the pattern

6 comments on “A Fresh Take on Chevron

  1. M-R
    August 14, 2019

    What in the wide world is not to like ?
    Another chef d’oeuvre, that’s all I can say.
    But Malabrigo is not my thing – all too fine. Buying yarn anywhere but there in the US – or the UK, of course – is fraught with lack of linfo; like weight, just for beginners. But the shipping costs ! Sighh …
    I might look to Seth Efrica …
    Why am I maundering on like this ? TSK !
    Apologies from Downunder, from Your Fan.

  2. Toni salerno
    August 15, 2019

    I don’t wear shawls but love this idea. Can it be converted to pullovers, cardigans?
    Would love to know.

    • Laura Cunitz
      August 15, 2019

      Yes! And that is certainly on the list of things to do. ​

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  4. Lindsey
    August 24, 2019

    The link to the ‘pattern only’ isn’t working.

    • Lindsey
      August 25, 2019

      The link to the ‘pattern only’ isn’t working.
      Sunday: it’s working now.

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