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Shaping Chevron Waves

This Scheepjes Whirl literally stopped me in my tracks when it first went on display at the store. 

The yarn cake is 1,000 meters long so you need just one to knit the shawl. I kept telling my family, “I’m knitting a shawl with a kilometer of yarn!”.

The color options are phenomenal with very creative names like: Green Tea Tipple (above), Pink to Wink, Dandelion Munchies and Black Forest Zinger. It’s cotton/acrylic blend that was nice to knit with.

New Aether Waves Shawl Has Even More Nuance Techniques

Sugar Pine Point State Park, Lake Tahoe

The Summer Celebration Shawl below, the first of three chevron patterns to be announced, has uniform chevron waves and used Knit 1 Back & Front to create almost invisible increases.

Summer Celebration Shawl

The Aether Waves Shawl kicks things up a notch.

The raised Showy Decrease and two Nuance increase techniques were combined to create a variable width chevron pattern that starts with strong pointed shaping and transitions into rolling waves. 

There are 5 Nuance skills included in this pattern. They’re great techniques to have in your knitting tool bag.

Each of these techniques has already been announced and has their own blog post you can read for additional information. They include:

  •  Resilient Cast On: a decorative and practical edge perfect for wavy projects. 
  • K1 Back & Front: A subtle increase that disappears into the garter stitch chevron. You can see the impact it has, but not the increase itself.
  • Porthole Eyelet: A combination of 2 techniques (k1, yo, k1 into the same stitch and k1 row below) that results in a large supported eyelet that really stands out. 
  • 3 Needle Garter Join: A modification of the 3-needle bind off that mimics garter stitch.

Let’s Talk Stripes

Whirl starts and ends with a solid color with slowly blending segments in between. For this shawl, the two solid sections were wound off to create contrasting color stripes. The shawl is knit in two pieces and joined in the center with the 3-Needle Garter join.

Skill Level: Intermediate Plus

While none of the Nuance skills listed above are difficult, it will certainly help to have a working knowledge of the standard knitting techniques on which they are based. This includes: pass slip stitch over, slip with yarn in front, knit 1 front and back, knit 1 in the row below and the 3 needle bind off.

Most of the challenge is keeping track of where you are in the pattern. Because it is so linear, once the chevron is established you can knit without looking at the written pattern – counting row sets to add CC stripes.

There are instructions for a chevron swatch included in the  pattern so you can give it a try. This was very helpful to the knitters in class. 

Aether Waves Shawl available on Ravelry for just $3.95

So what’s with the name Aether Waves? Back in the day there was little understanding of how light waves traveled. It was assumed light waves needed a substance to travel through (similar to water waves) and that unknown, invisible and totally made up substance was named Aether.

I’m still finishing up the second sample for the next chevron shawl (did I mention I get obsessed with new concepts?). The focus in on color – the techniques will be simpler but the striping is pretty amazing.

Looking for the pattern? You can find it here on Ravelry.

4 comments on “Shaping Chevron Waves

  1. Judy Blohm
    August 22, 2019

    name of color please

    • Laura Cunitz
      August 22, 2019

      The colors are Coral Catastrophe and Green Tea Tipple. It was hard to decide which ones to pick. I went with a single-color gradient and the two-color gray to blue.

  2. Ettenna
    October 4, 2019

    Can one purchase theattern anywhere but Ravelry?

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