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About Us


Flat i-Cord

Hi, and thanks for visiting. If you’re a knitter who likes to try new things, you’re in the right place!

Our blog, website and patterns all  focus on sharing new ideas in knitting. Some are tweaks to knitting techniques you already use and some of them are new concepts – we call them “Nuances”.

You definitely do not have to be an expert knitter to hang out here, but we are a not learn to knit site so some basic knitting skills are necessary.

Check out our New Readers page. It has lots of details about what goes on here.

So Who’s Laura?

Laura_CunitzLike you, I’m a knitting enthusiast, although my path to knitting designer was circuitous. I started my career as a CPA then spent years at IBM as a marketing manager in New York and Chicagoland.

I loved working part time at my LYS while we lived in Menlo Park, California (we do get around). I was new to the area and working at the store was a great way to meet creative knitters, teach and build my stash. My friend, Sarah Fama  and I started the Bella Knitting blog back in 2007.  Sarah’s had her designs in many of the knitting magazines you’ve read.

Knitty pattern

Fiftyfifty Shell published in Knitty

One of life’s detours led to several knitting-free years, but after regaining my health, I found that I had ideas, lots of ideas that had been building up all that time and wanted to be shared. And so here we are, sharing and having fun. We just passed 100,000 blog views in December. Thanks!

More Time to Knit

My husband of 25 years and I just sent our youngest off to college. That means there’s so much more time to play with new ideas, design, knit, develop patterns and write blog posts. That also means there’s a lot more coming your way.

I am thrilled about our recent move from San Diego to Lake Tahoe because it’s finally cold enough to knit sweaters again. It also means my new LYS is Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno. Imagine the impact on my stash living so close to one of the largest knitting stores in the country! Sometimes, they let you go back into the huge (huge) warehouse to pick your own yarn. So dangerous!

Here’s Why  You Want to Follow the Blog

The Nuances and patterns are being rolled out in a specific order, each one building on the skills of the ones that came before. As ideas and patterns are announced on the blog, Bonus Materials are added as well that provide even more detail. These materials will help you master the techniques so you can use them in your other knitting projects. Follow Us

How to Connect

  • Our website has summary pages with all our designs and techniques.
  • You can also find us on Ravelry, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram under the account name KnittingNuances.
  • Email Laura directly at to ask a question, chat about an idea or just say hi.

One comment on “About Us

  1. Loredana
    January 11, 2015

    Hello from Peroj, Croatia, from old lady Europe. My name is Loredana, knitter, crossstitcher, fond of sewing, crochet end hand embroidery.

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