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New Year, New Support!  (Note: this page goes live Jan 5th)

A lot of you have requested video support for some of our Nuances so I’m thrilled to start the new year with a few new knitting tutorials.

Woven Cast On

Woven_CO_2strandsOur latest Nuance is also the best place to start with a video. It’s easy to see but hard to explain on paper and I am really hoping it becomes your go to cast on like it is mine.

The tutorial is broken into two parts: the alternating long tail cast on which is the basis of the cast on; and the Woven Cast On which adds our typical twist.

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Coming Next

  • Reverse Yarn Over
  • Resilient Cast On
  • 2 Color Resilient Cast On
  • Knotted Bind Off (mmmm, haven’t heard of that one yet!)


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